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My Special Appearance

Watch this segment from Muscle Sport TV to see yours truly! I am giving a free webcam show to one lucky guest who enters our contest! Check out the short clip from Muscle Sport Mag for more details!

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There is a lot of dialogue after the opening scene of flexing to music. Ripped performs her magical pec dance in a barely-there, purple, slingshot bikini with black satin gloves and heels. She strokes her veiny muscles and big clit because it is a huge turn on for Vixen. Her backside gets exposed when she is constantly flexing separated hamstrings and spreading those lusciously round ass cheeks. Abs and serratus create deep cuts leading down to that powerful pussy. Ripped is covered with veins from her bulging biceps to those sexy calves of steel popping in stilettos. She takes them off to get more comfortable on the floor tugging her enlarged clit until it gets erect. Ms. Vixen penetrates her wet pussy from behind giving a perfect view of the ribbed dildo rubbing against her massive clit. It is her first time fucking a glass toy and she loves the pleasure. Ripped rapidly thrusts the plaything in and out of her tight cunt and the dampness is audible. It feels so good she genuinely cums forcing her pussy to pulsate after the orgasm.



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The sultry Ms. Vixen is looking ripped in her latest scene from Muscle Pin Ups. She is wearing a purple slingshot bikini with black satin gloves and high-heels of course. This shoot occurred immediately after the USA victory when Ripped became a professional bodybuilder. She is in peak contest shape with some of the best conditioning that has ever taken place on that national stage. Her shredded, veiny muscles are covered in oil flexing naked! Some of these poses have never been seen before like the back shots exposing her luscious ass and rear double biceps. Her clit is massively huge and veiny just like those muscles she is flexing.

Once the heels come off, she gets comfortable on the floor with a sex toy. It is the first time Vixen has ever played with a glass dildo but she really enjoys it. You can tell she is having fun by her facial expressions. Ripped loves being naked and masturbating. The warm, smooth glass enters her tight pussy just like a hard cock, rubbing against her big clit. She lifts up the hood to make her erection stick out and it resembles the head of a small dick.

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The last time I wore roller-skates my leg broke when I was a little kid. These skates were from the 1970’s and I traveled with them from Los Angeles all the way to Florida just to film this epic scene. The vintage pair was so old it did not have any brake pads. I was elated to put them on along with a tiny, thong bikini flexing my ripped, veiny muscles. The visible Christmas tree in my back came out when biceps bounced from behind, showing off my lusciously round ass. I made my tricep dance too.


My body had never been this lean and vascular. I could not believe how conditioned I looked for the shoot. After flexing in the kitchen for a while I got naked wearing nothing but the classic roller-skates. My quads were pumped and feathered as I pulled the hood off my huge clit. I bent over to flex my separated hamstrings and revealed that balloon-knot asshole. Veins popped all over my inner thighs and shredded abs as I stroked my hard clit. There was a lot of audio enticing you to fuck me as I penetrated my pussy with a big, red dildo. It was the most fun I ever had as a muscle model. Watch me get off on eight wheels. My orgasm will force you to cum.

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Webcam Contest

Have you ever experienced a private webcam show? They are intimate, pleasurable, and convenient on the computer anywhere in the world! I like to get to know a new member by asking general questions that you would typically inquire about on a first date. It helps to relax the person because they are usually very nervous being on cam. Most people are camera shy so it is my job to make them feel comfortable. Once I begin undressing my slutty outfit in a slow, sensual manner their attention is all mine. My best performance is nude flexing but I also enjoy playing with adult toys. A popular attraction is clit pumping my large clitoris. It gets big and hard when I stroke it, just like a veiny cock.


There are many submissive men that get easily aroused by role reversal. They want a strong woman with muscles to dominate them. Verbal humiliation is optional. Some request that I wear male clothing over my strap-on, whip it out, and pretend to fuck their ass during our cam session. Others get off by watching me penetrate a realistic asshole on my life-size, thirteen-pound torso. It has abs, ass cheeks, a dick and balls. I also have two large boxes filled with dildos, but-plugs and other toys that can penetrate me in the webcam session.


I enjoy seeing the other party shoot a big load just as much as they like cumming. In fact, I love a wet, sticky, mess! It is a huge turn on when their cock explodes from watching me masterbate. My favorite toys are good quality vibrators. I need lots of clit stimulation in order to have an orgasm because pussy penetration alone doesn’t always close the deal! The best dildos are battery powered. These toys can be found on my NAUGHTY WISHLIST. If you have a lot of cum, I want to see a close-up view of your cock erupting on Skype. Usually my webcam services are $3 a minute but MUSCLE SPORT MAGAZINE is having a contest where you could win a FREE show for submitting a dirty entry describing our online date. It has to be nasty or the judges will not consider you worthy. Contact my editor or email me:


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Ripped is so dirty in heels that she needs to clean up outside and gets completely naked in public after tearing off a wife-beater with her strong muscles.The Vixen loves to play with her big clit in the shower. She’s having lots of fun rubbing her pussy and getting wet. The water runs down her curvaceous but as she spreads those round ass cheeks exposing everything. The pleasure continues with bicep licking as she gets turned on from water hitting all the right places. Ripped pulls the hood back until her sensitive, erect clit sticks out and there’s a great profile view of how large it really is. There’s lots of sexy audio and conditioned muscles like you’ve never seen Vixen before. It’s one of the hottest scenes she’s ever filmed!
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